HT Shots


Do you know when you watch a film and leave the movie room thinking it was more than worth spending that time you had have to take out of some other tasks to be at that place at that time?

My University showed once the film “Paris, je t´aime”, I watched it and when I sat back in front of my laptop it came to happen I couldn´t help looking up the last scene of the movie to watch it again. Thanks god someone invented Youtube.

Then I realised there´re many shots I really like, those which sum up the whole story or that remind you the best of a movie you´ve liked it. And the best: most of them are on Youtube. Then I made up a list with some of those scenes somehow have touched me a bit deeper than the others I´ve seen. That´s what this thing is about. By the day I started it out there´re only 9 of them (those I could remember among all those which are in Youtube, not all of those I like are…), but I´d like them to soar: after all, that´d be a sign that my life is getting happier. Or rather would it be signal that Youtube is providing a better and better service…