My very good friend from Sweden (she’s actually spanish but I got to know her in Sweden) Clara is living in Rabat (Morocco) since last October till summer. She´s working for the Embassy in some projects on gender stuff. I felt I couldn´t waste this opportunity to explore the country and pay a visit to her, so we arranged a visit with Chemi (another friend from Sweden) and a couple of guys more for next Easter. As usual, I´ll fly by myself and we´ll all meet there (flight ticket prices made me take the decission… as usual, I was late buying them) and I´ll be in the country from March 14th. to 25th.
In order to keep track of the arrangements and the trip itself (not really once we are there, since the internet availability is expected not to exist), I´ve set up yet one more blog. One may visit here, but it´s intended to be only for the arrangements, not for pictures and so on, so it might not be that interesting. Pictures and follows-up from the trip will show up here in this blog rather than there…