Chino Moreno’s Top 13

by darribas

A while ago, I talked about the inverview by The Quietus to Deftones’ Chino Moreno. I came across it recently and decided to put all the goodies from Mr. Moreno in a Spotify playlist. I like to leave it run on random in the background, because it’s pretty good at creating atmospheres. Certainly, you can see all this influence in the Deftones’ music, although it’s surprising how low-key it sounds compared to some of the band’s guitars or screams. In any case, very recommendable. Another aspect I like of creating the list and being able to listen to it is that it gives that set of 13 albums, which I’d have otherwise probably not known about, a theme and a reason that relates to the singer and makes it a more profound experience; in the era of digital remixing, it’s almost a creation in itself.

I’ll give you the hook here to go on and check the list or read the whole article, because it is well worth the time:

Some of these tracks were rejected from a film score, and I love to put on visuals when I’m making music. I collect old films, from the turn of the century or the 60s or whatever, I’ll put one up on a monitor and start writing, to me that’s one of the most fun ways of making music.

Chino Moreno

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