Marching into history

by darribas

This morning, while I was doing some “life sustainer” tasks (aka cleaning, cooking, laundry…) I put on my headphones one of the last episodes of  The Changing World, a series of BBC documentaries about global issues. This one was an overview about the phenomenon of marches and how peaceful colective actions have influenced the XX Century, from the marches of Gandhi to the speeches of Luther King or the Chinese Long March. Most recomended. As an advance, I’ll leave here a powerful excerpt from Ghandi, but a full listen is most recommended, very inspiring and encouraging stuff for all professional dreamers out there to see how it’s the sum of many apparently insignificant facts that make History.

I regard myself as a soldier, though a soldier of peace; I know the value of discipline and truth; I have never made a statement that the massif of India, if it became neccesary would ressort to violence. I regard myself incapable of making statements of this sort.

M. K. Gandhi