by darribas

  • 8:00am/ Hello world.
  • 8:05am/ Freshly squeezed fruit juice, just brewed tea, chocolate cereals and toast + mom’s love.
  • 8:45am/ Put on my scarf and flat cap. Short walk to bus with Embee’s latest one on my ears.
  • 8:55am/ Get on the bus and look for a photo expo to go see in the evening. Embee keeps sweetening my morning.
  • 9:20am/ Arrive to the university, boot up my linux box, see the NG photo of the day, and start coding while listening to my very most fav. radio show.
  • 11:30am/ A blended mix of Mahler, Telefon Tel Aviv and Elliot Smith replaces Mr. Rupture. Keep coding.
  • 1:30pm/ Quick stop for lunch and 10 minutes walk.
  • 2:30pm/ Back to coding. Chet Baker joins the party on my earplugs.
  • 6:00pm/ Successfully finish the task. Two minutes to lay back, smile to myself and feel proud.
  • 6:02pm/ Start editting a paper to send it back to the Netherlands a.s.a.p.
  • 7:15pm/ Send the paper, back up the day’s work, clear out and put flat cap back on.
  • 7:30pm/ Walk in good company to photo expo.
  • 8:00pm/ Meet more friends at the gallery, spend a few minutes travelling to Morocco without moving.
  • 8:30pm/ Warm vanilla shake and good chat.
  • 9:50pm/ Cold but nice walk to the bus stop.
  • 10:15pm/ Get on the bus. Matt Shadetek tries to warm up my ears and overcome the day’s tiredness.
  • 10:40pm/ Get home, tomato salad, short talk to mom and brother.
  • 11:45pm/ Covered by blanket, join Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomqvist to save the world from bad people for a few minutes.

This’ the log of today, which I write to remember how happy ‘simple‘ can be whenever I feel down or think otherwise.