New feel and purpose

by darribas

Lately this blog has been devoted pretty much only to quick updates or samples of thought about my late travels. However, social networks (e.g. or e.g.) have seen me pretty active lately, which kind of expresses my will to be heard out there; they came when I was starting to feel bored of the rigidity of the blog and I quickly embraced its instanteneity, ubiquity, and pretty much any other kind of ‘ity’ you can think of. However, I don’t think they are perfect. Although I like how much they lower the barriers to jump from simple content-consumption to content-creation, and I believe expressing yourself smartly in 140 characters can be a sort of an art, sometimes the contraction of words and thinking it requires counteracts. Moreover, the fact that it allows you to post so much stuff, from a random thought to a cool article you came across, devalues each post as it becomes a smaller portion of the total. Because of all that (and because I came across a functionality that allows you to post by mail here and have it distributed on twitter and facebook), I’ve decided to (try to) re-activate this blog in the form of more regular, smaller posts that encapsulate everything I can’t fit in 140 characters and still think it’s worth posting. Let’s see how far I get.