by darribas

If you could have taken a look at my TripCase account lately, you would have noticed some updates and additions. What, as of Jan. 1st. 2010 was supposed to be a quiet and homey spring has pretty soon turned into a new and exiciting “on-the-go” adventure.

The main thing is I will be spending about 3 months at the GeoDa Center from March to May’10. As funny as it may sound after living the fall in Amsterdam, I’m coming to a city like Phoenix. The amount of cool projects, exciting stuff going on and, specially, the amazingly great people I met when I lived there (plus of course, their agreement on me coming again) by far offset the “spatial structure” and car-friendlyness of the city.

But, there will be more planes than that before June hits the calendar and I smell the good food at home again. I was able to squeeze in a stopover in Amsterdam on my way to the US in the beginning of march to attend a sort of re-union with the crew I met last fall before our lives part away for a while; moreover, my paper was accepted to the URBANICS workshop, so I’ll take the opportunity to meet my good friend Bea at the other side of the globe for the first time and learn a little bit of a country that these days is sadly coming to the headlines all over; flying  to Chile is much cheaper from LA than from Phoenix, so I’ll stop by for a night  and have a chat over some great sushi with my very good friend Ago, with whom I drove through the country last year; although this is still to be confirmed, it is quite likely I’ll go to AAG with the GeoDa crew and use the trip to the East coast to come back to the Big Apple, (greatly inspired by the last book I read) to meet my man Noel before he gets back home; and finally, I’ve booked myself a couple of weeks after the semester ends and we will see what happens then, as they say with concert venues: “tba“.

To me this is something I can only feel honoured for, and every of the different trips is as exciting to me as the next one, every one has its own different story behind and I’m sure everyone will also bring its one different good things to me.

I was at the doctor the other day to get an annual booster I had to; the nurse  didn’t understand the card where it was written I had to take it and asked why would I take such a weird vaccine. I replied the card was in english because I got it in the US and the reason why I did is I was going to India. Then she looked at me like processing the answer, glanced the card and back to me and asked confused: “but then, where do you live?” I just smiled.