India03: Quick Update

by darribas

So, after a couple of really hectic days learning why India is becoming one of the main countries in the world (and also teaching a workshop to realize it…), we’ve taken off Bangalore this after-noon and landed in Mumbai at 5 pm. After 2 hours in a cab to make the less than 10 Km to the hotel we’ve found out the place we had booked turns out to be a little bit different from what we expected (it’s actually a pretty western place with most of what I don’t like of it but anyway…). Tomorrow we’ll try to see a bit of this huge monster called Mumbai and at the end of the day, we’ll head to the airport to take the flight back to Europe. Then connection to Madrid, bus and finally home.

So many amazing stuff that’s changed many views and strength some others, but getting into the details is something for later on when I’m back, I make some sense out of this whole thing and  I can meet you for a coffee or a beer and tell you. By now, it’s time to try to find a local place to have a bite of real India…