India02: update from the rainforest

by darribas

After three days in the middle of a 1100m. high tea plantation trying to understand why elephants hit human settlements from time to time, to set up a woorkshop pretty much from scratch and to ignore the fact that it seems someone up there forgot to close the tap and it’s pouring down like crazy (some call it monsoon), tomorrow we are heading to Bangalore to teach the actual workshop on wednesday and thursday (tuesday is all for prep).

These have been a mix of the almost stressing peace you find here, the actual stress of seeing the workshop coming and not having it ready and the joy and greatness of all the learning we are doing and the people we are meeting. Pix and more to come but by now I just wanted the world know I’m still alive and safe at the end of it. The next days will be pretty hectic with all the preparation and workshop, but being here, surrounded by all the wildlife sounds once darkness has taken over, it feels hard to get into that mood of action and  movement…