Songs along the road…

by darribas

Just back from a weekend in Santa Barbara (re)visitting Charlie with the GeoDa crew. It’s been terrific; not only the weather couldn’t have been better in that beautiful corner of the world but the circumstances and some of the conversations we´ve had (enhanced by a few beers and a couple of bars) have made me realize how lucky I can feel of being sharing parts of the road with these guys.

This year is something really special for me in so many ways; the set of ideas, lifestyles and mindsets I´m being exposed to is making an effect on me I think (hope) will last for long. Also, I’m discovering parts of me and aspects of travelling I didn’t expect I’d encounter. For the first real time, this’ coming at a cost sometimes, as it’s not always as happy as Canada, as exotic as Korea or as perfect as Sweden. But like someone’d say, there’s no free lunch.

I know I haven’t written much about it here, and I’m afraid this’ not gonna change in the short run at least. I don’t know if I’m getting worse in putting my feelings down on a paper, it they (my feelings) are getting too complex for me to really understand them so as to write about them or just that I’m still too close to the tree so as to be able to picture the forest, but the truth is I don’t get the right words. That doesn’t mean I’m not feeling or I’m giving up on keeping track of my own life and way; not at all.

I was thinking how I could give those interested a sense of what I’m going through and, as many other times in many other situations, the right answer is music. Songs have the power to connect people, points in time and experiences in a way that very few other things I’m aware of can do. As a music-addict, what I listen to probably tells more about me and my state of mind that any other thing. If you think like that and get curious, you can take a look to the last tunes that came through my ears on my profile. But part of the magic of songs is also that they sometimes do get your feelings perfectly unveiled, even when the author wasn’t thinking of you while writing the lyrics or doesn’t even know you exist at all (most likely). Taking advantage of such property, here’re just three tunes that really encapsulate what I’m going through these days. I hope you like them, feel free to post your own current soundtracks.

  • The first one is actually the one that got me writing this post. Very recent stuff from my very most favourite swedish band.
(...) I remember when it felt like we had no agenda
no plans had a pad and a pen but
still it felt like we freestyled with life
improvised living on the b-side of life
like our lives was a hidden gem
all those things you had to mattered little then
so young seeing through all those games we play
and i still kind of feel the same way today
  • The second one goes for all spanish speakers. Really positive stuff that really reminds me how lucky I am for being able to be living this moment:
Y conseguí mi sueño, gracias a mi inconformismo,
 se que muchos enEspaña no pueden decir lo mismo,
 pasta, egocentrismo, su espejismo no me acuna,
 trabajo en mi pasión, esa es mi fortuna.
Y se que no hay vacuna pa esta enfermedad,
 pero estoy contento, 
hice las pases con migran enemigo el tiempo,
 hoy vivir de esta libreta es oro, lo corroboro,
colaboro, y hago bolos por el globo (...)
  • The third one is also spanish, not that positive and I guess it’s the other side of the coin. For all the times I felt those lyrics even before I knew they were writen, and for all the nights I’ve played it over and over on my headphones while trying to fall asleep and thus getting rid of that feeling of loneliness and farness, this song’s made its way to the top 3.
ni si ganas ni si pierdes,
dinero, mujeres, nada compara si la soledad te muerde
he visto mucha pasta y mucha necesidad
he visto sitios donde las canas salen solo de entrar
Acuérdate bien, siempre, si vives dignamente,
da gracias, dale de comer bien a tu gente (...)
  • And this list would be unfinished if I didn’t add this one here; because I always keep it in my mind, because it’s been rounding my head ever since I discovered it, because I bring it on whenever I feel the weird one, the outlier, and makes me feel better. And because…
 I mean, I love to travel, I hate to fly,
I want to go, but hate goodbyes...