Pix + life Update

by darribas

So, after ten days on the road (Vegas for a conference + the Grand Canyon and Santa Barbara + LA for fun), I finally got back home last weekend. It was a really great and fun time realizing how beautiful this part of the Earth can be and having great times with old and not that old friends… Vegas was good enough for once, but I don’t think I’ll be back to that place for a long (not my style at all; the Grand Canyon was… grand; Santa Barbara was gorgeous, I got to run and ride a bike and it was really beautiful, plus the host was just perfect; and LA was the best end for that week, checking out how’s life for my man Ago around a few rolls of sushi@the sushi house, as it’s becoming a tradition every time I pass by town. Here are the pictures of the great days:

Vegas+The Grand Canyon
Santa Barbara+LA

All in all, it was a great break off work but now it’s over. I got to Tempe last sunday and the past week has been a sort of lost one: I fell sick so I couldn’t do much but let time go by… Anyway I think I’m feeling better now so hopefully next week will be the real come back, start up and speed up of things. Time’s running out and I gotta run faster!!!