Bikes, tulips and wind mills…

by darribas

I’ve been working on and behind this idea for quile a long time, but it hasn’t been till these late days that it hasn’t come through, so I didn’t wanna post anything till now. Anyway, here is the official announcement: it  all seems to point to me spending four months from September to December 2009 at the Department of Spatial Economics of the Free University in Amsterdam. Same as I’m doing now at the GeoDa Center, I’d spend four months in the capital of the Netherlands writing part of my dissertation.

It is certainly of great excitement for me to have the chance to live for a short while in one of the most beautiful cities I’ve evere been to, one of the most bike-friendly and one where I still keep very good friends from my days in Sweden (not only there but also very closeby). Considering life  outside the university here in the desert, and how much I like European cities, it will be a fantastic experience to wander and discover all the tiny coffee shops, small and cute streets and the channals. And last, but not least at all, it won’t be the paperwork nightmare the US was now about a year ago, which is something I’m coming to appreciate 🙂 I can’t wait for that!!!