Delayed pics

by darribas

Just trying to update the picture storage in here. Right before coming back home for Christmas, the great David invited us to a tamale-making party at this place. Tamales are typical mexican food based on corn hash, meat and fat (alright, I didn’t say much to differenciate it…) which are usually made at that part of the year. We gathered something like ten folks and worked cooperatively (hereby the joke of “kibutz”) to make up to 400 of them in a few hours. Here is the proof:

Mexican Kibutz [Tamale making party]

Also, during the month back home, I had the chance to travel to the (my beloved) Pyrenees a couple of times; one with the family and the other one to visit Angel, a friend of mine who’s actually living and working up there in Sallent de Gallego. One of those mornings I grabbed my camera and went off for a walk, here is a little bit what it looked like:

Christmas in Spain