California rushing…

by darribas

I just got back home after a weekend in California: on friday I got on a plane to LA where Ago was waiting me to take for a drink and later for dinner; I think there are moments to make history and others to remember it and, if you manage to combine both in the right composition, it’s perfect. This one was one of them to remember and so we did around tons of great and cheap sushi in my already preferred place in LA, a very small and humble restauran run by five japanese where decoration barely exists but reggae is in the air and sushi is delicious.

As we say in Spain ” good, if short, is double good”, the following morning I got up real early and headed over the airport to continue my “revival” tour: it was time to San Francisco and the great times and people spent in Korea now a year and a half ago. A couple of koreans from the summer school happened to be in the city and we arranged a weekend there, so Katie would come up from Orange county and I’d go from AZ. It was really short and unplanned but the only fact that it happened already made me happy. We ate tons of asian food and sweets and chatted all over the weekend; I spent the night at my friend Jesus’ place and this morning, after mexican breakfast, I got on a plane, again.

It’s been really short, just like a dream, just like memories are, they come and go and the meantime in between is what really matters and makes life great; but it’s been the perfect way to forget about the desert and work for a while and, considering the month now just finishes (coming back from Spain, moving to the new apartment, rushing to finish work with no success…), it was just perfect. Here are the pics although there are not that many; I usually get very lazy about taking pictures, specially when people I am with have cameras (not difficult if you are with four asians…). Anyway, serve yourself:

Weekend in California [Korea remember]