Coming back home: NY recap 1.

by darribas

On my way back home for Christmas, I decided to spend a couple of days in NYC. I had to fly out from NY anyway because it’s there where I flew in when I came to the US now four months ago. But, just to “avoid any risk due to the delay of my flight from Phoenix”, I decided to keep a couple of days in between in the Big Apple 🙂 So yesterday, I woke up very very early in Tempe, got on the bus, transferred in Denver and by the evening, I was on my hostel in Harlem (10 bucks a night and free WiFi, what else can I ask for?). I had dinner at a soul food place, fish, okra and candied yams. Great.

This morning, I woke up real early for a sunday and started doing all the urban walking I’ve missed so much while in Tempe. I went down the Fifth Av. and then switched to the Third; had breakfast on a latin-american place and continued the walk all my way down to lower Manhattan, doing some incurssions in Central Park; stopped by the UN and got on the subway to Brooklyn. I stopped for a piece of cheesecake and I bought an old vinyl of Nat King Cole for three bucks (!) at a vintage store. Finally, I had a burger for dinner at one of those places you barely have space to eat the thing and, since it was getting pretty darn cold (actually about -2 windy…), I took the subway back to the hostel. Tomorrow more. Happiness.