San Diego rocks!!!

by darribas

My office mate Dave is moving out of San Diego. As many others (including myself, though I´m a little bit an outsider), he´s new to the GeoDa Center, and he still had all his stuff back in the West coast. So, this weekend was the One to finish packing up and he was kind enough to invite me to the let´s-load-the-truck! party. Basically this was the deal: I´d go with my other mate Charlie on thursday night and be back home on sunday with Dave, Gosa (his dog) and all his home at the back of the truck; he wouldn´t be able to show me around as he´d be working (understandable when you need to set down a home…) but I could take some hours off on saturday if desired while the rest of the guys were loading up. Pretty good deal for me… Until I realized it was a six hours drive from Tempe to San Diego. I guess I´m just not that american yet. But it was too late then 🙂

Forgetting about all the Km´s of desert, so far so good: although I haven´t been able to see the city around that much, I did have the opportunity to hang out with the guys from the Department of Geography at SDSU, to have lunch at a korean restaurant this morning with Katie, the taiwanese who literally saved my ass in Taiwan last year and to have dinner at a Salvadorian place where I loved the (very cheap) food. All those will sound like a good excuse, but I must say the real reason why I came to this trip was stepping over the place I´d been dreaming of all over my teenage on Eurosport when I watched the X-Games; and, though I didn´t get to ride any skate or pass by the beach and see all those skater-girls in bikini yelling at the bikers on the half-pipe, being at a normal bar and start listening to Bro Hymn really put the smile on my face… Mission acomplished.