Back to School days…

by darribas

I was trying to blog a bit about my days here in Tempe, AZ, about all my experiences since I got here from the C2C and about how well I´m doing when it comes to the university and so on, but I happen not to be able as I´m extremely tired and then I´ve thought this is a good, actually might be the best, sign that I´m doing great. True, I don´t have much life apart from the university, specially from monday to friday, but that also means I have things to do, and in fact things I really like.

As a first header, precluding later posts, I´ll say basically my life these days starts off at 6:30am; shower, breakfast and I throw my bike into the bus on my way to the uni; about 8:00am I´m at the GeoDa Center (the place where I work) and I leave it about 6:30/7:00pm, spending one hour off for lunch and the “commuting” time to the coffee place (I already got one of those american thermo-caps… hehe); after the gorgeous sunset I can enjoy through the window of my (shared) office, it´s time for the bike-ride back home, which turns out to be a really nice moment of the day: about 30 minutes of smooth cycling trhough neighborhoods of houses where one can smell the dinner already; once I get back home, I have dinner and not much later, i´m already laying in bed. A day´s gone.

It might sound like boring and hard; nothing to do with the first, a bit with the latter. It´s being hard to get on the life here and specially to get on track with my programming skills. But the other side of the coin is I´m learning a lot every day, and the speed is that high I can even feel it, which is a really nice feeling…
Apart from the uni, the “social” experiment is also something which deserves being told: much a deeper diving into the local culture than in Sweden, the amount of diferences I didn´t expect and things though I expect surprise me when I go from the theory I had to the pracetice of actually living them is huge.

So much in a row every day that it´s more than fine if I can just keep up. So, maybe I´ll have to wait for things to slow down a little to be able to process all this… Till then, I´ll keep living Promoe´s verses:

“From sunrise to sunset, calendar is all set…”

Time Bandit -PROMOE-