Road-trip End

by darribas

So this morning, around 12:00 we’ve crossed the Golden Gate building and the road-trip has come to an end. It’s been two weeks and a half of joy, full of fun and where I’ve also learnt a lot about different things. Now it’s too early so as to throw any reflection, that will come later once I get “home” (so the pictures of the trip will come); but I just wanted to say I’m safe and sound, my friend Jesus has already picked me up and I’ll stay at his place today and tomorrow; on friday, I’ll get on a bus and, after 15 hours through the Californian coast and inwards, I hope I gett off in Phoenix, AZ. There my new housemate will pick me up and take me to what it’ll be my new “home” for 10 months in Tempe, AZ.
The new life is coming right up!!! Until then, let’s enjoy San Francisco 🙂