Flash Back

by darribas

Tonight I had a flash one year back in time: I waited for my friend Jesus (a mexican descendent yet Californian) to finish working, then we got on his car and drove downtown San Francisco; there we picked up Vivian (a Chinese girl emigrated a few years ago to San Francisco) and headed for dinner to a korean restaurant. There we enjoyed all the delices we learnt how to love one year ago when we met in Seoul (South Korea) while being part of the ISS’07 at the University of Seoul. I hadn’t been in touch with korean culture (food is just a part of it) since I left the country, and of course I hadn’t met any of them till today, which made the experience much more real and beautiful. For a few hours, we talked about the experience and flashed back to it as if it had taken place yesterday, and remembered how happy that made us. Personally, it also feels good to see how frienships you thought you’d never meet again come back, yesterday in Asia, today in America and who knows where tomorrow…