Running out of net+sLog’s

by darribas

Posting this from my friend’s laptop just to say I’m having problems to get my laptop online for free (damn non-free WiFi’s) in the US. That’s why I cannot write mails, hardly even read them… However, today I’ve stared to record some audio pieces I’ll call sound logs (sLog’s) where i’ll talk a bit about the trip and i’ll upload as soon as posible. They’re intended to be in spanish as most of my family (grandpas specially) barely speak english, however, if you are interested in listening to me and are not spanish speakers, please leave a post in here and i’ll seriously consider that.

Apart from the internet problems, so far so good. NY was amazing, a day and a half of road (M80) and now in Chicago, which seems great. More to come, now I’m off to a jazz concert somewhere downtown…