Leavin’ home…

by darribas

So here I am, 6:10 am (Spanish time yet), sit in front of the desk number 306 at Barajas Airport waiting for it to open and let me check-in. In a few hours I’ll be “hubbin'” in Zurich and, after a few more hours, landing at the JFK airport in New York. But before I jump into myself and dive through my feelings, let me do little bit of update: after a weird and feelings-mixed week in Santander, attending a course on history of economic thought at the summer university, I was driven directly to the Pyrenees mountains where, after a few adventures to finally get to the place, I enjoyed one of the most magic nights lately: a reggae concert by a lake, completely surrounded by nature and backed by my very close friends. Just the breath of fresh air I needed in the middle of this crazy time which started a couple of months ago and will finish when I finally settle in Tempe, AZ, by mid-August. After the concert I came back home for the last week, where the clock was not slow enough to let me fit within that time all the things, people and events I wanted to meet. However, I think I did all the paperwork I needed to, I met a good bunch of friends I won’t till Christmas and even got some uni-work done.

Back to the desk at the airport, it sounds like it should feel like Something starting or Something coming to an end; at least a break point. But actually it doesn’t. Unlike in Sweden, where I was expecting the take-off for a long time before it happened, these last days at home have been many things but waiting for something to come: I have tried to delay everything dealing with this trip till the last-minute (I started packing up 3 hours before leaving my room…) and tried to grab “home’s joys” while possible. this doesn’t imply I won’t miss my broad Family (I’m sure I will indeed) but just that I’ve tried to keep my mind busy so I can’t say I didn’t seized the moment. Personally, I I’d like to believe it’s a sign proving I’m “learning” how to travel and how to leave places where I’ve been happy: while two years ago I’d start missing places I’d enojyed before I’d left them, now I focus on enjoying them till there’s no more to enjoy. Easy to tell, getting easier to do… Yet I can’t say I’ve learned how to say goodbye (still hating them).