Exam+the beginning of the end…

by darribas

Today we’ve had the “final” exam. It wasn’t really important for the course as we had already got the certificates, but it did foster my will to study and that’s a good thing. I didn’t go into detail trhough all the proofs and demonstrations which I guess were beyond my both interest and level but I do think it made me learn more, which was the main point of coming to Rome.
Now I’ll be here untill thursday (the exams were supposed to take place until wed but for some reason compressed to only today), then I’ll fly back to Zgz but just for a short layover before I get on a bus straight down to Madrid where my good friend jorge will host me the night from thursday to friday. Friday morning visa interview, a bit of walk around and I guess I’ll stay there till sat that I’ll definitely get back home. DreamEssence‘s on the move baby, yeah!!!