USA closer and closer…

by darribas

Alright, so it’s been one more step on the way to the US… Today I bought the flight ticket, which doesn’t imply I’ll go for sure (I will if the guys at the American Embassy think it’s alright and give the visa). It seems July 26th. is the date I’ll get on a plane from Swiss Air in Madrid to, after a connection in Zurich and many hours I’m sure will be everything but happy (iwanttogobuthategoodbyes) I’ll land in NYC’s JFK. Yes, you read well, New York City; and yes you also remember right, I’m going to Tempe, AZ. The reason why i’m stepping out of the plane halfway is I’ll meet my italian friend Ago there, we’ll hop on a car and go for a fast-but-intense coast2coast trip, yeah!
The schedule is not fully set-up but for sure we’ll spend that weekend in NYC and we need to be in the West by Aug. 12th. so it’s gotta be fast 🙂 In-between, many adventures, landscapes, history… I’ll post more as it comes, but by now I just wanted to make sure everyone knows about the date (specially my American friends, take it into account, this spanish is bangin’ on the US really soon!!!).