by darribas

There’s surely no doubt, all over my life music has been as the curtain of many memmories. A few days ago, I was wandering the net and found out this post. It’s sth I had though so many times I guess it was the perfect excuse to start my own music life-cartography. Here I paste it. Of course, there are some important tunes missing, but those showing up here are part of myself: just random moments shaping a way to see the world. How about you guys?
15)I start listening to sweet reggae a bit more seriously than I had been, but even today the old Bob keeps defining myself in “Soul Rebel” (bob Marley).
17) Could have been either Pennywise, NoFX, or even blink-182, but the perfect combination to me of happy punk-rock and positiveness to life of Millenconlin just made my youth a better time to live:)

19)I’ve already made my way to the university, and breakdancing is at its peak time in my scale of preferences… no doubt that was partly due to Dj Shadow and his “Organ Donnor”.

22)Just that flight by my own would have been enough, but one more year living in Sweden after it makes sure the tune of my early twenties is swedish Lopptroop’s “Fly away” ( I even got it tattoed on my feet later…).

23)Here I am, i’ve already landed one month ago in seoul and, while leaving it on my way back to Spain, I guess the only way i can find to get a bit of peace in the middle of this stream of planes, symbols i don’t know at all and feeling-rollercoasters is to go really back to the roots of beauty and plug my ears to Satie’s piano and his Gymnopedie Nr. 1.