Pix from Morocco + a few lines

by darribas

After a loooooooooong wait for uploading the pix (don’t know if due to my connection, to some problems in my Ubuntu or to the Picasa’s beta version), here is the link to the pix from Morocco. As I said it’s been such a great trip: really delicious food, amazing landscapes and such lovely people (both locals and folks). Seriously, for a (southern) European Morocco is the easiest way to get to a very different place (sometimes I felt a bit like being in an taiwanese night market but for men faces…) within the standard European flight distance and by exploiting low-cost companies. Go there before it’s too late!!!
It’s also been a nice opportunity to meet some spanish friends from Sweden, share tea-cups, chat with them and get to know about their lives now almost 2 years have passed since the big Circus came to an end. Yet one more thing, this trip has given me the opportunity to discover a bit more about how International Cooperation for development is carried out in real world (my friend is working for the spanish agency for international cooperation) as well as the chance to meet really interesting people and unusual life-paths. Still learning a lot on the road!!!
What else can one ask for, all in just 10 days???