by darribas

Ok, dreamessenceonthemove is too long a name for a blog link. I knew that since the day I set it up but I hadn ‘t come up with a better option myself. I always liked it to be the plain dreamessence but someone went first in the queue. Since this blog was originally intended to keep track of my life journey (so it is right now, but since i’m temporarily settled in my hometown, the post have taken a different look to the first ones), i thought dreamessenceonthemove might fit. Yet the thought it was too long remained. But las friday I came up with a “new” idea: why don’t I open up a new one with a shorter name just make it easier for people to get through? So I just registered to let u easily remember my ciberSpace.

Then, from now on, if u r somewhere and wanna now about me but don’t remember the whole address, just think of the first letters (DreamEssenceOnTheMove), type them on your web browser and enjoy the Digital Land!!!