Green Light for the USA

by darribas

Sometimes, our future and dreams are as weak as yes or no. And I guess today planets, gods and godesses have been on my side. This evening I got a call from my supervisor asking me to get a.s.a.p. to his office. I knew it was for This. And as soon as I got in he seriously said: “Te vas un año a Arizona” [“You are leaving to Arizona for a year”]. This story goes back for a few weeks when we mailed a professor now at the San Diego State University, next fall in Arizona, asking for hosting me for a research stay under his approval. The Mail reached my supervisor´s inbox this evening straight from San Diego and it seems just for a while all my dreams, wishes and hopes for this new year fitted in three letters: YES.
So, now there´s this long road to walk till next summer (when i´m expecting to hit the US) which may be summarized in: bureaucracy, bureaucracy and bureaucracy. Plus all the work I got left to do before I go there if want to make any use of my months there.
But all those things will start worrying me on monday, now I´m off to happiness’ heaven.