Presentation@Uni in Bremen

by darribas

Yesterday I gave my first presentation in english on geographical and urban economics. It was at the University of Bremen (Germany). Right now, I´m visiting my friend Fabian for a week, half of it in Hamburg and the other half one here in Bremen. Since he asked me to give such a speech, I couldn´t say no so I accepted and now I think it was a really good experience I should really be thankful to him about.

The presentation went in my view very well, it was in a very friendly environment and people even asked afterwards, which made me feel really fine. I hope it´s the first one of a long list of collaboration and co-work between Fabian and me from now on. Time will tell.

[You can check, download and use the presentation as long as you respect the CC license it is under, which basically imposes you to credit myseld whenever you use it, not to use it for a comercial purpose and to license everything you create from my presentation under the same or very close license. The .ppt is available in the downloads feature of this website, blue square on the left.]