Sweden coming out!!!

by darribas

It seems October is the month when one starts realizing summer is over and, hand in hand with it, the travel season is gone. So it´s the right time to start thinking over the near future and get everything fixed in order not to let the feasible chances slip away. These words may seem weird coming from a spanish, I know, but I guess I learnt sth when I lived in Northern Europe 😉

Just a short while ago I posted I´m heading Germany in the beginning of December. Now I can already post I´ll hit Sweden (Stockholm) for Christmas time. I´ll fly by myself on Dec. 26th and stay at my friend Lina´s place as well as spend New Year´s Eve with her, will pick my family up at the Central Station Jan. 1st and spend with them five days to be back home by late Jan. 5th. So, if any of you guys are planning to be around there by those days and want to meet me, just mail me, I´looking forward to it!

I´m really happy about this trip because of two main reasons: the one, i´ll finally be able to show my parents around Stockholm (I couldn´t when I was living there because my grandma was operated and they didn´t feel good leaving her alone…) and the other one because for the first time since I left, I´ll go back to the place where I lived for one year and where I spent some of the happiest days of my life. I know they say one shouldn´t come back to the places where he´s been really happy, but rules are made to be broken, aren´t they?