Hitting Germany

by darribas

Last week, I booked flights to hit Germany in the dawn of December, leaving home Dec. 2nd and coming back Dec. 8th. I´m going there basically to pay a visit to my good friend Fabian, who I’d meet for the first time in Sweden and then a couple of times more here in Spain, now living half a week in Bremen and the other half in Hamburg. Though it´s basically a leisure trip, he´s come up with the great idea of offering me the chance to give a small just-for-fun seminar on geographical and urban economics and promised he´d get me a space and a net point for the days we´ll be@the university. Brilliant, I just can say the biggest THANK YOU I know. Moreover, it´s only a crazy stupid idea but, during those three days we´ll work to try to figure out some common work to be continued later back home and evetually become a paper or something (just dreaming, so far).

I´m really happy about this week in Germany, both because i´ll be hanging around with Fabian (which I´m really waiting for) and because it means a step forward in my personal project of travelling not only for fun. As I told a friend just this evening, it´s all about embedding the intelectual pleasure into the pleasure of travels…