Toma 8: 100% Taiwan

by darribas

It’s already been almost one week in the island and time keeps on running like hell. On sunday, we left Taipei and went down to Taijung, my friends’s hometown. All along these days, I’ve visited many temples (taoist most of them, thought I’ve also seen confucianist and Buddhist), eaten like I never expected and taken some glimpses of taiwanese nature. It seems I’m sort of lucky because as soon as I left Taipei, it started raining up there and now they are flooding (hope there’s no problem with my flight on sunday), and here there’s no trace of the typhoon.

I’d write many things about Taiwan and its people, but I prefer taking it easy, writing them down on my notebook (i’m already doing so) and once I get back home, uploading them here with a bit more of “style”. By now, I’ll just say it’s really worth coming to the island.

I still have two days left here and on sunday i’ll catch a plane to Seoul, where i’ll be for a night and I hope i’ll meet all my Korean friends for the last time in a while. On monday after-noon, i’ll cath the plane back home and i’ll land in Madrid at 21:30 local time. I don’t know whether i’ll go back home directly or i’ll spend one night in Madrid and take the bus to Zaragoza next morning yet. The adventure is coming to end…