Sepat leaving + Leaving Taipei

by darribas

Yesterday, we couldn’t do that much because of the typhoon: authorities had allowed people not to go working so most of the stores were closed, and most of people stayed at home too (even though it wasn’t as hard as one could expect when hearing the word “typhoon”). The only thing we could do then was eating, eating and, when there was nothing left to do, we ate a bit more. Katie is totally introducing me into taiwanese cuisine and even into chinese language (you should have heard me asking for Chua Bin…).

Today we are leaving Taipei on the way to Taijung, Katie’s hometown. We don’t know yet where we’ll be able to go because, since though the typhoon is gone, it might have left behind some traces. I don’t know whether i’ll have internet access in the next days either, so don’t be afraid if you don’t see any update here. Mom, Dad, I’ll be safe 🙂