by darribas

Yesterday I was walkking around the old centre of Taipei almost all the day long. I the night, I met my friend from Sweden and some friends of her for a drink, trying to get deeper into taiwanese culture, hehe. Today I’ve just waken up and had breakfast and now waiting for my friend coming from Taijung this morning. We’ll stay in Taipei at least one more day and, if the weather allows us, we’ll go travelling the island around on sunday or monday.

The only con is this:

Typhoon map

Typhoon SEPAT

A large & very powerful storm. Strongest winds are at the center of the storm, upwards of 155mph/250kph making it a Category 4 hurricane in the west. Will begin Influencing the island Friday morning 8/17. Landfall forecast for Hualien Taidong on Saturday morning 8/18 around 5am. On Saturday 8/18 strongest winds will be in Hualien/Taidong, while heaviest rains are forecast for North & NE Taiwan. The storm should be past the Island by Sunday 8/19.


Yet, locals are not that worried, neither am I. It looks like it’ll last for 2 or 3 days and the precaution we are required to take is staying away from he mountains and the beach and shuting down AC and windows. I guess I can handle it. Mom, Dad, I’ll be safe 😉