Taiwan Vol.1

by darribas

I’ve already left Korea after a very active night (I stayed up late and woke up at 7:00am), so I guess I haven’t been able to feel anything but extremely tired and sleepy. I did feel a lot of things, but I still have to take them out of me and put them down on a paper before you can read them. My korean buddy (super-kind, as usual) has taken me to the airport and dropped me in front of the passport checkpoint. Around 3 hours of flight and here I am in the island. Extra-tired, but extra happy. No typhoons, no bad karma; just a lot of lights and high buildings.

When talking about Taiwan, they say it’s one of the kindest populations in the world. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but I’ve been in the island only for a few hours and there’s already been a guy who has found me looking for my hostel in the middle of the street and, without asking him anything, has taken me to the entrance of the hostel, which is located in the 13th. floor of a big building right in front of the main station. I think I love Taiwan.