Toma 10: The East Coast

by darribas

Today, an international gang has rented a van and has headed East in order to see the sunrise in the “Land of the Morning Calm”. The idea was leaving Seoul on sat at 23:00 and arrive there around 3:00am in order to have time to find a place and see the sunrise. We´ve done our best and at 4:30 there we were in front of the sea, waiting for the sun to show up. I do believe the sun has risen up, no doubt, but I can´t prove it since there was a thick film of fog in between which has made it impossible. At least we tried… Anyway, the scenery was also really beautiful with the fog, since the coast had some rocks inside the sea which looked pretty nice coming up from the “white darkness”.

After that, we had breakfast (you can call it breakfast if you want, but it was dumpling soup with noodles…) and went to the biggest cave in Asia, or at least that´s what I think I heard (yet to be confirmed…). We were inside it for one hour and got really amazed by the shapes and lights we found. It was totally “furnished” with lights and gangplanks so that the visitant only had to worry about taking good pictures.

The day finished with 6 hours of car on the way back home. Apparently, today was ending of holidays for many people, which made hard for the traffic in the capital. Yet it was worth the pain 🙂