Bcn days@Pompeu Fabra

by darribas

This week I´m attending the Macroeconomics Summer School at Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona. Though it might seem hard to follow, it´s only a couple of hours a day (9:00/11:00). Then I go to the library to read a bit, I have lunch at the “campus” (it´s only a couple of buildings with a yard inside each), read or play with the computer for another while and go for a walk around, a coffee or whatever leisure activity till supper time.
Although I´ve been many times in the city, this one has some differences: first, it´s the first time I come here for “work´s issues”. It´s only a couple of hours a day, but in addition to the time I spend in the library it allows me to get the taste of the environment of probably the best university for economics in Spain. And travelling for work feels good, too: it´s basically about getting to know people who spend at least as many hours as I do in touch with economics and urban stuff, with people who is really into this topics and from whom I can learn tons of things… and that is a pretty nice feeling. In a not far future, I´d like to fill my life with many of trips like this one (you know, not only for fun but also for work), so this could be considered the first of a longer list. At least that´s what I hope…

The way I´m living here it´s also different from past times. I´m living in a very close friend of my mum´s house, which is located very far from the center, what forces me to commute everyday about 45 minutes each way. Being used to bike to the uni in less than 20 minutes, this’ a huge change.

And at last, but definitely not least, the way that family is treating me is taking this week to a much higher grade. They´ve open the door and said: guy, come in and feel home 🙂 Moreover, it´s thanks to them (specially Ana) that I got to know what Sant Joan festivity really is and how is understood in Catalonia, just in three words: firecrackers, firecrackers and firecrackers…