Managing to make it to korea

by darribas

Finally I got the positive answer from the University of Seoul to attend its Summer School from July 17th. to August 15th. Once I had the paper-letter in my hands (last sat.) I started thinking of the flights.

On tuesday night I tried at first, I found a good offer online then I went through it. But what a shock when I saw in the confirmation mail that I had chosen the return flight on the wrong month and I had taken July 27th. instead of August 27th. I just couldn´t believe it…

I should consider seriously to convert myself to any religion because next morning, when I checked my mail to find the hotline number and try to change the date, I found a mail from the company telling me there had been a mistake with my card number and the operation had failed 🙂 I just smiled to myseld and thanked whoever was responsible of that. Right after I went through the website again and booked the flight, this time by choosing the right dates.

So, I´m one step closer to Asia, yuhuuuuuuuu!!!